Coin Exchange

Coin Exchange is an automated exchange system able to work across different asset classes which has currently been optimized for crypto currencies trading. Coin Exchange uses state of the art technologies and design patterns for complex event processing and handling of thousands of transactions per second.


Owing to our diverse experience of building finacial software, we decided to invest time in learning the Bitcoin protocol and build an automated exchange system. Our goal was to produce an exchange that could work with other asset classes, but had some special features for crypto currencies. We built automated deposit and withdrawal mechanisms for handling Bitcoin and Litecoin at the start. The exchange part was built specifically with performance in mind. The also added features for auditing and the most interesting part was event sourcing and being able to built the exchange to its current state in case of any serious error. All the features of the exchange are exposed as a RESTful API, and we have built a demo web based front-end as well.

Technologies & Frameworks

  • - Domain Driven Designing
  • - Disruptor Pattern
  • - CQRS With Event Sourcing
  • - AngularJS
  • - NUnit