Fixtelligent is a web based product aimed at management of FIX Protocol Specifications. We teamed up with Australia based Fixnox to start this venture and launched the beta version in August 2014. We are continuously adding more and more useful features to the application with a goal of making it a unique service for firms that manage and distribute their FIX specifications.


There were different platforms that offered some sort of FIX specification management and then led to different use cases like certification. Our idea was unique in the sense that it allowed the user to create their own specifications from any of the standard FIX specifications released to date. Fixtelligent starts with creation of custom FIX specs which can then be altered at different levels, distributed inhouse or to customers using smart sharing mechanisms, validated against standard FIX specs or against the specs of your counterpart using an intuitive interface. We have kept adding some unique features and plan to make them available in our upcoming releases.

Technologies Used

  • - Grails, Groovy
  • - Java
  • - Javascript, jQuery