For over a decade it has been jBilling's mission to provide a robust, secure, open source billing solution for Enterprise and Telco businesses. Today, jBilling offers world-class services to companies across the globe, helping them deploy and maintain billing solutions to meet their unique business needs. They remain the world's leading open source billing solution, allowing complete control over your system with the most highly customizable options for complex billing.

Initial Project

Aurora began its journey with jBilling about two years ago with a single project to take jBilling's existing batch processes and convert them to start using Spring Batch framework. After succesfully delivering the project and exceeding client's expectations, Aurora was tasked with new projects. The relationship has been maturing ever since and Aurora has been recognized by jBilling as a key strategic partner in it's ongoing growth.

How Aurora Adds Value

Aurora's engineering team works on different implementation and customization projects for jBilling. Aurora's team has helped some key billing solutions for Telco and Government sector and have gained valuable experience along the way. Here are a few highlights:

  • - The senior developers work with the jBilling project managers and clients to understand specific project requirements.
  • - The development team produces code deliverables along with automated test cases that are reviewed by senior developers at Aurora and also by jBilling's external senior developers.
  • - The code is often tested by different testing teams of jBilling.
  • - This requires collaborating with their international team mates on a day to day basis using different communication and video conferencing tools.

Client Testimonial

Aurora's team have delivered world class services to us over the course of last two years. They have organized themselves very well on complex and critical projects to provide good quality solutions in a timely fashion. We have forged a strong partnership with Aurora and see it getting stronger in the future

Emiliano Conde -  jBilling President

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