Client Challenge

  • - Migration of legacy components to new architecture and technologies for easier maintenance and extensibility.
  • - Expand development team in response to growth in client base leading to dynamic feature demands and product roadmap.

Solution Offering

Team model:Integrated development team reporting to jBilling management structure.
Team services: Backend and Web services development involving understanding of client business domain, and extension of existing application with new features and enhancements.

Team expertise: Grails, Groovy, Java, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring Framework, JavaScript, CSS, JAX-WS, SOAP, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Liquibase, Docker, JUnit, TestNG, Hadoop


FIXtelligent platform was developed and is available on the cloud or client’s private data centers. FIXtellignet helps individuals and organizations who work with FIX Protocol to:
  • - Create customized FIX Protocol Specs using our interactive, intuitive and template-driven interface.
  • - Share legacy (PDF, Word, Excel) or FIXtelligent format specs with others, with full privacy controls.
  • - Perform real time FIX testing against your counter-party.
  • - And lots of other things..