Aurora started working with Qbtech in 2013. A strong relationship has developed over time and Aurora now has a team of three full time engineers along with a team lead and manager working on different applications.


Aurora's first project with Qbtech was to develop a web based application for customer management. The first project was quickly followed by the development of Qbtech's next generation product for ADHD testing. Aurora has been providing ongoing support and development for this application as well as maintaining applications that had been developed prior to this engagement.

How Aurora Adds Value

Qbtech team sets the vision and requirements for products; Aurora is responsible to execute that vision by managing development of new releases. A few salient features of the engagement are:

  • - The development team produces code deliverables along with automated test cases that are continuously pushed into independent feature branches.
  • - The code is reviewed by senior developers at Aurora before being pulled into the main branches.
  • - The code is continuously deployed in different environments which is then tested by Aurora team and the Qbtech team. The continuous deployment engine ensures that all test cases are working as expected before deploying a new build.
  • - After testing the deliverable is shipped to Qbtech production team for live deployments.
  • - We have regular weekly meetings to discuss the status and review progress in different areas.

Client Testimonial

I approached Aurora Solutions because we needed extra programming resources in a Grails and angular.js development project. The result has been better than expected, and they continuously suggest better solutions and improvements than the original requirements.One thing I liked was their ability to adopt and integrate into our own development process, and that they listen very carefully to our requirements and understand the business needs.I would recommend Aurora Solutions to anyone who need help or extra resources in any kind of software development project

Daniel Zakrisson - Qbtech CTO

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