Though it seemed we were starting out with nothing, we knew that we had the most important possession of all… a dream. A dream of developing software that solved real life problems. We worked like madmen to make our dreams a reality. Over time our goals grew more ambitious. We began to find that we needed more talented developers to join us on our mission. And so Aurora was born. Just a few short years later, and we are an expanding 18 person team.

A few highlights in our history:

30,000 years ago Cro-magnon cavemen paint what may be the earliest depiction of the aurora lights!


September 2009, Aurora Solutions is born!

March 2011, Aurora hires its first full time employee


Aurora develops its first product for financial industry with US based company Microstructure Research and Engineering!


Early 2012, Aurora moves to the first office space for Islamabad development team

Key partnerships are established with partners in Sweden, USA and Canada

September 2012, Aurora gets its first office space in ISE Towers


Fall 2013, Aurora starts work on TradeHub and Fixtelligent..


December 2013, the development team is moved to a better, larger office space. Currently a team of 15+ resides in the same office at 9th floor of ISE Towers, Islamabad.


August 2014, FixTelligent beta is launched