Fixtelligent is a web based product aimed at management of FIX Protocol Specifications. We teamed up with Australia based Fixnox to start this venture and launched the beta version in August 2014. We are continuously adding more and more useful features to the application with a goal of making it a unique service for firms that manage and distribute their FIX specifications.

Customer Challenge

  • - Create and customize FIX protocol specifications from scratch, or off standard/custom templates.
  • - Requirement to explore and search standard FIX Specs and discover other public specs developed by the community.
  • - Platform to share private and public FIX Specs within the community.

Solution Offering

Team model:
Technical team worked in partnership with Domain experts from FIXNOX, to identify business requirements and translate into software requirements and artifacts.
Team services:
- Full stack development
- Server-side development
- Client-side Development
Team expertise:
Java, Grails, AngularJS


FIXtelligent platform was developed and is available on the cloud or client’s private data centers. FIXtellignet helps individuals and organizations who work with FIX Protocol to:

  • - Create customized FIX Protocol Specs using our interactive, intuitive and template-driven interface.
  • - Share legacy (PDF, Word, Excel) or FIXtelligent format specs with others, with full privacy controls.
  • - Perform real time FIX testing against your counter-party.
  • - And lots of other things..

About Fixtelligent

Fixtelligent is a web based tool that provides the ability to manage and share your FIX specifications in a coherent manner.

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