Client Challenge

  • - Migration of legacy components to new architecture and technologies for easier maintenance and extensibility.
  • - Expand development team in response to growth in client base leading to dynamic feature demands and product roadmap.

Solution Offering

Team model:
Integrated development team reporting to jBilling management structure.
Team services:
Backend and Web services development involving understanding of client business domain, and extension of existing application with new features and enhancements.
Team expertise:
Grails, Groovy, Java, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring Framework, JavaScript, CSS, JAX-WS, SOAP, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Liquibase, Docker, JUnit, TestNG, Hadoop


jBilling has been able to migrate legacy components to a more modern architecture. This has made the architecture more extensible leading to easier implementation of enhancements. Aurora's engineering team also works on different implementation and customization projects for jBilling. Having additional full time development team members has allowed jBilling to keep pace on feature development with their growing client base. The team has helped some key billing solutions for Telco and Government sector and have gained valuable experience along the way.

Client Testimonial

Aurora Solutions have organized themselves very well on complex and critical projects to provide good quality solutions in a timely fashion..

Emiliano Conde -  jBilling President

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