The idea of Aurora Solutions came to our founders while they were still employed at different companies and had to work for a different boss. Every market has loopholes that lead a new business to establish and help the customers if the market be served in a better way. Forming its roots in 2009, Aurora Solutions has been working as a software house and an IT company, serving international clients and developing local market software applications and products based on only one major thought process: “develop solutions for real world problems”.

Aurora Solutions was a brain child of our CEO and CTO. Bringing up their way from one room office to two different established offices, this company has seen its downfall and rise through moments of inspiration, and has been shaped by perseverance, courage, and consistent hard work. The heads have a strong background from the software industry, working themselves in big companies like IBM and SEMC.

Even with its tremendous success rate, Aurora Solutions is gradually increasing it workforce adding new talent that proves itself during recruitment tests and multiple interview sessions to not just value or philosophy, but add profound norms and skills to its existing working stream. Our services provided to the customers are always fruitful to provide real time and triumphant solutions.

A few highlights in our history:

30,000 years ago Cro-magnon cavemen paint what may be the earliest depiction of the aurora lights!


September 2009, Aurora Solutions is born!

March 2011, Aurora hires its first full time employee


Aurora develops its first product for financial industry with US based company Microstructure Research and Engineering!


Early 2012, Aurora moves to the first office space for Islamabad development team

Key partnerships are established with partners in Sweden, USA and Canada

September 2012, Aurora gets its first office space in ISE Towers


Fall 2013, Aurora starts work on TradeHub and Fixtelligent..


December 2013, the development team is moved to a better, larger office space. Currently a team of 15+ resides in the same office at 9th floor of ISE Towers, Islamabad.


August 2014, FixTelligent beta is launched