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Bitewell helps you achieve your nutrition goals through smart macronutrient tracking built by your habits.

About Bitewell

Bitewell brings the expertise of world-class dietitians and the convenience of local restaurants to the palm of your hand so that it’s easier to reach your nutrition and fitness goals.

Client Challenge

With only eight weeks to soft launch, Bitewell MVP needed to be built from scratch. It was a standing challenge for the team to map large and distinct data sets and provide a customized solution based on each user’s lifestyle and fitness goals while ensuring data integrity. Despite the roadblocks, our team took the task and delivered the MVP one week in advance.  

Bitewell Nutrition calculation.jpg

Solution Offering

The Bitewell team comprises food lovers & nutrition nerds who came up with the unique approach that combines the science of dietetics with a true love of food to enable healthy eating habits that stick. To intricately plan out all the phases, we carried out a series of sessions with the client to iron out all the functional and non-functional requirements.

Our developers built an expansive system, taking data dumps from different service providers, merging them using advanced Data Analytics algorithms, and exposing them using an API to the end-user in the mobile app.

Using Flutter, we integrated all new features into a seamless and user-friendly experience. Another exciting feature our team worked on is Scheduled

Customized Meal Preferences. Through this feature, the app suggests the meals depending on the menu items available in the vicinity of your location. Now whether you are traveling or staying at one place, Bitewell takes care of your meal plans. To further create a cohesive lifecycle experience for customers, the team leveraged a third-party tool, Iterable. So users don’t miss out on important updates and receive them timely via different platforms.
Our QA team preemptively designed and developed test plans to avoid any bugs after the app release. The team is currently gearing towards importing millions of more menu items to provide more accurate food recommendations to end-users.



Mobile App:


Web Apps:


Node, Express, Python


MongoDB, Firebase Firestore




GitHub Actions

Container Orchestration:



Container Registry:


Logging & Monitoring:

AWS CloudWatch

Compute Capacity:


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