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Self Made Academy (SMA) is a comprehensive football training app to hone your football skills.

Capture Mobile App Screens

Capture lets you review your live CO2 emission information whenever you want.

Score Mobile App Screens

Score - the most comprehensive app for sports clubs, partners and supporters to meet digitally.

Stakater Website

Stakater is your ideal DevOps partner, allowing you to focus on application development

Coin Exchange Interface

A project that we did for fun and open sourced has gained substantial traction among crypto fans

Papafund interface

The product was focused to help people raise funds for their passions using a social game

Pliro Website

A product trying to disrupt Pakistan’s broken healthcare system

Safello Website

Safello offers a safe way to buy and sell crypto in Sweden and other European countries

Qbtech Website

An industry leader in developing tools for diagnoses of ADHD

jBilling Website

World’s leading billing solutions offers customizable options for highly complex billing

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