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Score - the most comprehensive app for sports clubs, partners and supporters to meet digitally.

Club comms, Digital Business Cards, Company Profiles, Digital Deals & much more!

I was quite impressed with the quality of output, specially in terms of dexterity in Flutter for developing the Mobile App features. The team came in with a holistic project plan enabling the project to grow as a whole.

Dan Fröjd - Produktägare Never Offside AB : Score

Score is a Football Club Management software.
The mobile tool allows users and business partners great exposure opportunities year around. Users also gain access to club knowledge by seeing stats on business value in the partner network.

About Score


Client Challenge

The application required building new features and ensuring the best performance on both Android and iOS.The engineers were required to dive and revamp workflows, by introducing proper coding protocols and methodologies to cater for any previously lost quality. Major debugging was needed because the system previously lacked logging. New layers on Authorization were also needed in addition to Kubernetes implementation.


Solution Offering

Never Offside has a number of projects in the pipeline, all built around the exhilarating world of football. Score serves the busy world of partners coming up with new initiatives to serve and engage the football community.

We took on the task of building the mobile app features in Flutter

Filled in gaps in state level documentation and code works deployment, there was a requirement for skilled engineers to jump in and take over upcoming features, debugging and maintenance of Score.

The underlying Frontend framework for the application is ReactJS and we used Redux for state management. Database query management was handled in React-Apollo. The UI framework used was Bootstrap. The mobile applications have been built in Swift for iOS and in Kotlin for Android.


The engineers took on the challenge of debugging the system and delivered better optimized health and carried out detailed QA on the system



Passport JS & PostgreSQL RLS (Security layer, responsible for authentication and user management)

NodeJS (Underlying back-end framework

PostgreSQL (Database)

Amazon S3 for storing images (Storage)

Google GKE for deployment (Used to deploy latest code from BitBucket)

Sendgrid (mail generation)

GraphQL (for database query)

JWT (JSON web token) for authentication

Firebase (Analytics for mobile apps, Cloud messaging for notifications)

SendGrid (Mail)

AWS (S3; for uploading Images e.g. Club Logos, Profile Pictures etc.


ReactJS (Underlying front-end framework)

Redux (State management for React)

React Apollo (Database query management)

Bootstrap (UI framework)

Mobile Application

Swift (iOS mobile Application)

Kotlin (Android Mobile Application)


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