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Capture lets you review your live CO2 emission information whenever you want,

and see the breakdown from your different mobility choices along with choosing your favourite CO2 offsetting project.

Owing to the challenging conditions of this project, I honestly did not expect the team to be able to pull this off within only two months and was partially preparing myself to expect to push the date forward, but I was more than pleasantly surprised to witness the team’s progress in effectively managing the targets and assiduously taking the challenges head-on. They were very professional and easy to work with, owing to their proficiency and finesse.

Abdul Aziz - Co-founder & CTO Capture

Capture is your pocket-pal helping you keep track of your climate footprint from everyday mobility choices, offsetting through forestry planting around the world. Keeping up with your carbon footprint on a daily basis would then allow you to explore the options Capture provides, to help you work through offsetting it.

About Capture

Client Challenge

With only two months to soft-launch, Capture needed to be built from the ground up.
It was to be a standing challenge to ensure meticulously crafted features using GPS-tracking to predict journey time and journey mode with great accuracy. Ensuring a smooth user-friendly experience was also to remain a top priority.


Frontend: Flutter, Kotlin, Swift
Backend: Nodejs, TypeScript
Firebase: Crashlytics, Firestore, Cloud Messaging, Cloud functions, Realtime Database
- GCP, Big Query, Google Analytics


Solution Offering

The development team focused on UI flows and built expansive backend functionality to be ready to incorporate screen implementation as and when the design were ready and provided by the third party team simultaneously tasked with the same The first phase of development constituted building features with relatively unusual characteristics thus requiring a lot more detailed and complex algorithms. The niche area was artfully sailed by the dev team, exploring seas with not much precedent on the market - hence limited resources to go on in terms of approach methodology.

Some of the detailed features required would include accurate location tracking with the twist of accurate recognition of mode of transport. This would need to be carefully pegged against multiple variables to execute the most accurate calculations. A lot of minute testing was to go into this at the development stage itself, before the post-code QA.


Parallel dual-platform was another challenging area craftily dealt with by building in Flutter. Rather than limiting the scope to low level OS permissions for moving forward with only one platform and subsequently testing it out in the market, we went in for a head-first dive into both platforms and successfully released the App on both.


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