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Open source centralized crypto exchange

An open source centralized exchange that supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Fiat currencies

“I needed to build an exchange supporting major crypto-currencies and found Coin Exchange on Github. It helped lay a foundation to my project and although i didn’t use the front-end, I was able to customize the back-end easily to my needs and then create my own front-end app on top of it. Really loved the project”

Jacek Czarniak - Open Source Enthusiast

Market Challenge

At the time there was a lack of open source decentralized exchanges in the market, so we embarked on the mission to built an open source service. This was also our first challenge into the new and exciting world of Cryptocurrencies back in 2014.


.NET for Backend

AngularJS for web


Domain Driven Design

Microservices Architecture

Web Application Development





Solution Offering

Salient Features

- Service oriented. REST API development In C#.NET

- Batch jobs

- Domain Driven Design

Team Expertise

Bitcoin, Blockchain, microservices, .NET Framework,

ASP.NET, REST, Domain Driven Design, Disruptor

Pattern, CQRS With Event Sourcing, AngularJS, Nunit,

- Micro-services Architecture


- Web application development

- Complete Even Journaling and replay



We built a white-label exchange system that was able to handle generic automated deposits using different currencies (like bitcoin and litecoin) as well as an exchange with rock solid foundations and ability to handle tens of thousands of transactions per second.

The exchange part was built specifically with performance in mind. We tested upto 10000 transactions handling on local development machines. Other features include auditing and the most interesting part was event sourcing and being able to build the exchange to its current state in case of any serious error. All the features of the exchange were exposed as a RESTful API, and we have built a demo web based front-end as well.

coin-exchange-1-1245x719 (1).png

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