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Stakater helps build and automate a fully-integrated DevOps

Stakater supports design, deployment and management of a secure infrastructure with optimized cost and performance

“I’ve relied on the team at Aurora to build a top notch set of tools and open source initiatives for the DevSecOps community. I’ve been hugely impressed with the team to understand and grasp upcoming technologies in this rapidly burgeoning space.

Rasheed Amir - CEO At Stakater


DevOps Architectures are getting more complex, owing to the variety of services introduced by cloud providers, and a multitude of tools available to work on the DevOps pipeline. In any particular application environment, there may be many moving parts such as App Servers, Database Servers, Load Balancers, Health Checks monitors, Continuous Integration and Delivery tools. And to be able to manage multiple server environments for different teams and audiences, configuration and environment management can be quite complex.


DevOps engineering

Infrastructure Automation

Continuous Deployment







Solution Offering

Team Services

- DevOps engineering.

- Infrastructure automation.

- Continuous Integration and Deployment.

Team Expertise

- Kubernetes

- Fabric8

- Jenkins

- Docker

- Prometheus

- Elasticstack


- Terraform



In the quest to understand and create an architecture for our DevOps lifecycle, the team at felt a lack for an accessible out-of-the-box holistic solution in the industry. The team started to create small but useful open source solutions that any company could plug and play in their workflow. A roadmap was laid out for Stakater v1.0 and beyond. Stakater envisions to provide built-in support for various cloud vendors, and DevOps tools so as to cater to the particular needs of any development or Ops team that uses it. Stakater caters to:

Kubernetes Architecture & Security: Design and run a secure kubernetes infrastructure with optimized cost and performance

Infrastructure Automation

Automate, modularize and reuse infrastructure as Code

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Develop CI & delivery pipelines for an automated quality assurance and deployment process


Aggregate and report on logs retrieved from all services across all server nodes


Monitor and report on health of services across all server nodes


Generate meaningful alerts that escalate to the right people for the right severity


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