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Kinfolk streamlines talent engagement and transition processes for organizations.

About Kinfolk

Kinfolk optimizes talent engagement through personalized hubs, streamlining onboarding with pre-boarding engagement and ramp plans. The platform enhances managerial guidance, facilitates smooth transitions, and enables effective milestone tracking for organizations.


Aurora Solutions undertook the development of Kinfolk, a talent engagement platform designed to streamline onboarding processes, facilitate smooth transitions including leave management and enable milestone tracking. Acting as a centralized hub, Kinfolk allows scheduling meetings and all actions to be generated and scheduled within the app.

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Client Challenge

The primary challenges encountered during the development of the platform included time constraints, the adoption of a new technology stack, and ensuring UI responsiveness. The requirement to deliver the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within a strict two-month timeframe posed a significant challenge. 

Integrating AWS Amplify with React and Node presented a learning curve for our development team. Furthermore, the complexity of the application's user interface (UI) required thorough attention to detail and precision to ensure full responsiveness across various devices.

Solution Offering

During the project, our team strategically addressed challenges by understanding project scope and client expectations. Let's explore the specific strategies and solutions implemented to overcome these hurdles.

Efficient Project Management and Successful MVP Delivery

We managed time constraints adeptly, ensuring timely delivery of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within a two-month timeframe. Despite challenges like adopting a new technology stack, our team's dedication resulted in the successful delivery of the MVP, earning positive feedback from the client.

Adoption of New Technology Stack

Adopting a new technology stack with AWS Amplify, React, and Node posed a major challenge. Nonetheless, our team seized this chance for growth, dedicating resources to master the stack through extensive training. Leveraging their expertise, they seamlessly integrated AWS Amplify into the project, ensuring optimal performance.

Ensuring UI Responsiveness

To ensure full UI responsiveness across devices, our team adopted a meticulous design and development approach. Prioritizing pixel-perfect design and responsiveness, we crafted each UI element to seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes. Through rigorous testing and optimization, we achieved the client's goal of a fully responsive and user-friendly interface.

Event Scheduling Enhancement in Version 1

In Version 1 of the project, we enhanced event scheduling capabilities to automate onboarding, preboarding, and offboarding processes. Our team introduced features to facilitate efficient employee training and management through automated event scheduling, driving increased efficiency and productivity for the client.

Implementation of Slack Integrations

We seamlessly integrated Slack, enhancing Kinfolk's functionality by enabling effective communication and task management. This streamlined workflows, improving collaboration and productivity.

Streamlining Action Items and Meetings

In Version 1 of the project, we streamlined action items and meetings, empowering efficient task management and scheduling. This included task delegation and tracking, ensuring accountability, and enhanced meeting scheduling for seamless coordination across platforms and time zones.



Rest API

AWS Services
Lambda functions
Cloud Watch

Google Calendar API
Outlook Calendar API


AWS Cloud Watch

Version Control

AWS Cognito


In Version 1 of Kinfolk, the focus shifted towards automating onboarding, preboarding, and offboarding processes, with enhancements such as event scheduling and Slack integrations. We added features like event scheduling and Slack integrations for better communication and task management. Additionally, we introduced tools for managing tasks and scheduling meetings more efficiently. The journey from overcoming initial challenges to delivering a robust Version 1 underscored the team's resilience, adaptability, and commitment to excellence.

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