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Pliro is reshaping private healthcare experience across Pakistan

Pliro envisions to redefine the healthcare sector by bringing all the stakeholders to a single Platform

“We’ve been relying on Pliro for managing our clinic operations and marketing our services to Patients. We’ve seen an improved efficiency in our work as well as improved customer experience which has led to a better retention of our clients. We highly recommend Pliro to all private practices.

Dr Sohaib Qazi, Owner Dental Excellence

Market Challenge

Public healthcare is very tough in Pakistan whereas private healthcare is expensive and one still doesn’t get value for money. Manual workflow and over-reliance on paperwork make a patient and helper’s life more difficult.

With Pliro, we embarked on a mission to make things convenient for patients and doctors through Pliro.





- Practice Management

- Appointments

- Tracking OPD and visits


- Accounting

- Reporting

- Integrated healthcare with real time SMS notifications

- Marketing Solutions


- Backend

- Web Application

- Mobile Application


- Finding doctors

- Finding diagnostics and test

- Requesting Appointments and medical services

- Health Blog


Solution Offering

Team Model

- Product manager

- Designer

- Backend development team

- Mobile development team and web frontend development team

Solution Details

- REST API based on Java/Spring

- Web application development using Angular

- Mobile application development using ReactJS

- A combination of Mysql, Mongo DB, ElasticSearch for data

- Cloud services on AWS using Docker

- Automated deployment pipelines using Go-CD

- Microservices Architecture

- Automated testing using Selenium, Protractor, Appium

- Recurring functional testing pipelines on Jenkins with AWS device farms for mobile and protractor for web


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