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Fund your passions online

Papafund is an online platform for people looking for funding for their passionss

“I observed that Aurora Solutions, as a company, learns fast and adapts quick. For a growing company, grit is a great asset and taking manageable risks is a faculty that will take Aurora Solutions a long way ahead. I loved the company culture; it's what keeps everyone going!”

Rafi Imran - CEO Papafund

Client Challenge

The idea came to us from a startup weekend contestant that our CEO was mentoring. The idea was to transform online fundraising and make it more fun, interesting and social. It shouldn’t be embarrassing to raise money online for your personal wants. The idea won the startup weekend and we took it onboard to take the idea to the next level.


- Backend

- Web Application


- Design

- Web Application Development

- Quality Assurance

- Project Management





Solution Offering

Team Model

- Dedicated team of developers, QA analyst & a project manager.

Team Services

- Server-side development in Grails

- Client-side development in Core Javascript and AngularJS

- Infrastructure automation and Continuous Integration solution.

Team Expertise

- Server-side development in Java, Spring, Hibernate

- Client-side development in HTML & groovy

- Database Server used is PostgreSQL

- QA automation using Selenium

- Infrastructure using AWS



Papafund was envisioned as a crossover platform between crowdfunding and a competition for prize. The platform that we developed allowed people to submit pitches to win a micro-funded cash prize. People were able to submit a one hundred word entry for why they deserve the prize money for their cause. Community members voted for the winner based on the best cause and the top five voted ideas were judged to find the eventual winner. We launched and tested an MVP version of Papafund and briefly featured on Product Hunt in 2015. Papafund project was sunset after a beta testing of about four months.


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