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An app to hold precious memories that start young, to cherish and remember!

About Remember

“Remember” helps you maintain albums online, store as many photos and videos as you wish to reminisce, and walk down memory lane. The app maintains milestones and memories that are saved in chronological order on the cloud -- all easily accessible from any device.

Client Challenge

The client aimed to build a high-performing app with an Instagram-like user experience. For user authentication, Swedish Bank ID integration was needed to ensure security protocols in light of child safety and social responsibility in addition to data protection laws.

Solution Offering

The app needed to make extensive use of multimedia without excessive load times owing to server downloads. Naturally, ensuring a user-friendly UI was to be one of the primary goals. We built a cross-platform solution using Firebase to provide comprehensive backend services. FirebaseAuth with Swedish Banks was implemented to ensure security and user accountability. Multimedia cloud storage ensures reliability and was implemented via Firebase cloud function, immaculately written in Node.js. Using Flutter we built

a cross-platform solution for both iOS and Android.



Node js, Cloud Functions, Javascript



Cloud Logging


Crashlytics, Google Analytics

Push Notifications with Cloud Messaging


Flutter, Kotlin



Firebase Storage


SPAR (Sweden Public
Address Registration)

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