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Going Gone transforms auctions for customizable bidding experiences.

About Going Gone

Going Gone is an online auction platform that enables organizations to create highly customized auction websites for their customers. It facilitates online auctions, offering users the opportunity to bid on a variety of lots, including competitive, buy-it-now, sealed, and cumulative lots. 


Going Gone was developed with a vision to revolutionize the online auction industry, offering a dynamic platform for organizations to host auctions and engage their audience effectively. Aurora Solutions undertook the revamp of Going Gone, which involved a complete overhaul of the application to enhance its performance and functionality. 

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Client Challenge

The client faced significant challenges with the existing platform, including performance issues stemming from an inefficient database structure and unoptimized backend queries. The front-end loading times were also slow, impacting user experience. To address bugs and introduce new features, the application required ongoing maintenance. Moreover, the client sought to enhance security measures and introduce communication features for better engagement with users.


Solution Offering

To address the client's challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution focusing on optimizing performance, enhancing functionality, and improving user experience. The key solution offerings included:

Backend Revamp

Our team redesigned the database structure and rewrote the backend code using Nest.js, implementing best practices for optimization and scalability. This overhaul improved database performance and enhanced application responsiveness.

Front-end Modernization

The front end of the customer interface underwent an upgrade from React to Next.js 14, utilizing the latest features to enhance performance, while the admin portal continued to utilize React. By dividing the application into server and client components, we enhanced front-end responsiveness.


Feature Enhancements

New features were introduced, including integration with VMS for importing items as lots, organization-level payment collection via Stripe accounts, PIN authentication for user security, communication features for sending emails or SMS, and audit logging. These enhancements added value to the platform and improved user engagement.


Bug Fixes and Maintenance

Our team conducted ongoing maintenance to address bugs and ensure the smooth operation of the platform. By implementing rigorous testing protocols, we maintained the stability of the platform.


React.js (admin portal)
Next.js (customer-facing)

Material UI



Email - SendGrid
SMS - Twilio
Authentication - Auth0
Error Logging - Sentry
Payments - Stripe



GitHub Actions



Version Control



This collaboration between Aurora Solutions and Going Gone resulted in a transformed platform, offering enhanced performance, improved functionality, and a seamless user experience. The modernized application now boasts optimized backend operations, faster front-end loading times, and a range of new features that cater to the evolving needs of organizers and bidders alike. The Going Gone platform is now well-equipped to support efficient online auctions and drive business advancement for organizations.

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