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A Decade of Success!

Explore our history and the values through which we've grown

Our History

The company's co-founders have a strong background in the software industry, being associated with companies like IBM and Thomson Reuters. Bringing up its way from one room office to two different established offices, this company has seen its downfall and rise through moments of inspiration, and has been shaped by perseverance, courage, and consistent hard work.

At Aurora, we've always set ourselves apart by  working closely with our clients to get to know their business and understand their real needs. Even with our great success rate, we've always believed in nurturing and promoting young talent.



We just started with ideas and almost no capital and have worked our way up from there!



successful projects

In various domains. From healthcare, finance, blockchain, billing to automated trading. We've covered quite a few businesses.



Satisfied clients

Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, Americas. We've had a success story across the globe.


Years of operation


Successful projects 


Satisfied clients



Umer Aziz

Umer Aziz Malik.png

No company can build a successfully coherent culture without people who share ability to create and embrace its core values. Since its inception, Aurora Solutions has been working hard towards building an employee base with outstanding skills and diversified learning behavior. Our working environment is conducive to quality results, employee growth and rewards. We offer a flexible work environment for our hard working team.


Making History

Below are some of the highlights from our journey! 

September 2009, Aurora Solutions is born!

Aurora develops its first product for financial industry with US based company Microstructure Research and Engineering!

Key partnerships are established with partners in Sweden, USA and Canada

Fall 2013, Aurora starts work on new products including TradeSharp and Fixtelligent

August 2014, FixTelligent beta is launched

January 2016, We get featured on product hunt with our new beta product Papafund!

Fall 2016, Pliro beta is launched

March 2011, Aurora hires its first full time employee 

Early 2012, Aurora moves to the first office space for Islamabad development team

September 2012, Aurora gets its first office space in ISE Towers

December 2013, the development team is moved to a better, larger office space.

January 2015, Good times continus with successful projects in new domains including healthcare and cryptocurrency development

March 2016, Additional office space acquired. Currently a team of 25+ resides in our ISE Towers headquarters

August 2016, Pliro gets incubation and acceleration at the National Incubation Center, Pakistan

Fall 2017, Stockholm office is setup to promote opportunities of onsite consulting.

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