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Aurora Holds Tech Talk At FAST-NU

Industrial seminars and workshops have always been fruitful for academia to understand the importance of specific technology and market trends of what is new and running. Such sessions provide advantages to both the parties involved in workshops; one providing an arena of social networking and marketing its name, and the other learning from the sessions to shape their future and apply learnt knowledge in academics. This template was followed by Aurora Solutions while running the very first session of "Tech Talk 2017". As Gary Hamel words it: "Today, no leader can afford to be indifferent to the challenge of engaging employees in the work of creating the future. Engagement may have been optional in the past, but it's pretty much the whole game today".

The idea of Tech Talk was generated in-house by Aurora’s CTO to initiate the basic motive of providing means of learning for anyone who is interested in upcoming technologies. FAST-NU was chosen as the venue for our first Tech Talk. Engaging our teams in such activities has always been a motivational factor for our people. Our engineers participating in the Tech Talk did ample planning and worked very hard to make the first session very successful.


The first session’s agenda of workshop revolved around 2 major topics:

  • Angular2

  • Elasticsearch

The sessions conducted on February 14th took a whole day of hands-on practice based workshops for interested students by five different employees of Aurora Solutions. Haseeb, Atif, Hazim, Ahsan and Zain).


This 3 hours session was conducted by Hazim and Zain at the start of the event, encompassing knowledge, experience sharing and hands-on activities all through the session. Around 50 students registered for the session.

For further details about this session, please visit:

  • Presentation

Todo App:

  • Starter

  • Complete

Auth App:

  • Starter

  • Complete


The second session was lasted for about 2 hours, encompassing an introduction and skills based knowledge sharing about the topic by Atif, Haseeb and Ahsan. Around 20 students covered the session and were able to perform on the activities organized by the speakers.

For reference, please visit:

  • Presentation

  • Github Project

At the end the participants, organizers and management were handed certificates of participation along with ushers, volunteers for the event and the helpers of university. Not just this, all the speakers were awarded from the university management as well on conducting the session.

Advancing beyond the academic horizons towards learning from the industry enhances the future prospects of students. It not only takes their thinking out from textbooks, but also helps them in innovating away from monotonous study practices and work on new projects as well. Continuous study material followed side by side with such seminars and workshops only helps students from different backgrounds to configure various professional highlights and apply them to become better professionals. Aurora Solutions realizes the need of the academia market and will continue to run such events in the future.

This also had provided the company an edge to sustain and create new professional relations with the upcoming talent for the business. We hope to provide better arenas for professional networking and build on past experiences to create new ways of engaging the student bodies towards learning with us and be better skilled in their employment.

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