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Aurora Solutions: UAM at the Helm

Updated: May 6, 2021

Aurora Solutions is a diversified Software Development Agency that has been built by solution-oriented professionals, where the same winning approach continues on across the teams. The company has been in the market for a decade and has ventured into a multitude of areas in the industry over the years. Previously led by Co-founder and CEO Abdul Aziz, the board of directors has unanimously decided that the company shall take the next step in its natural progression and success by bringing Umer Aziz Malik to the helm of the ship. The former CEO and Co-Founder plans to continue on in an advisory role and has recently shifted focus towards other full time projects. The new front-man brings with him a rich blend of leadership qualities in addition to eight years of loyalty. Umer Aziz Malik is an embodiment of just the right kind of entrepreneurial flair that shall power up Aurora Solutions through the next major groundbreaking milestone and drive strong market outcomes. Malik graduated from University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila in 2011 and has given back to the industry in a variety of different roles where he began his professional journey at Aurora Solutions as a Software Engineer playing with trading simulation tools, data integration, performance testing, analysis & optimization among others, also pitching in with Human Resource Management of the company. He further took onto managing magnanimous projects singlehandedly across the realms of Fintech and DevOps which were true tests of his metal. He has proven his worth by undertaking arduously large areas of responsibility and seen through all the way. Abdul Aziz is widely acclaimed for his vision of ensuring that Aurora Solutions is a workplace most admired by employees and is a proven partner for its clients. Malik’s vision aligns well with this founding goal as he sets the gears in motion to scale up on the same objective while balancing redefined business targets to build a more commodious future of the company in the industry. Success is a never ending pursuit of constant growth and we believe that it is neither possible nor fruitful without the satisfaction of our clients. Our rich experience range encapsulates building new systems from scratch or even improving legacy systems by upgrading them by building newer components and integrating fresh systems onto the pre-existing parent-system. Completely committed to client’s success, we can scale quickly and efficiently to accommodate the size and complexity of your project. While planning and implementing top-notch solutions, we focus on potential risks and pitfalls in order to deliver the best possible quality.

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