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Enterprise Integration with Spring (EIwS) Certification Study Notes and Hints!


Recently I have passed "EIwS Exam" and now I have become a "Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist"! In this blog post I will share my experience and some guidance on how to successfully pass the exam. We at Aurora Solutions work with Spring framework (and its sub-projects) on daily basis.

You can find the certification details here:

In order to become certified you must complete two validation components: ¤ Attend Enterprise Integration with Spring training from SpringSource or a Certified Partner ¤ Pass the Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist exam

Training includes: ¤ Tasks and Scheduling support ¤ Spring Remoting ¤ Spring Web Services ¤ Spring REST with Spring MVC ¤ Spring JMS ¤ Local and distributed transactions support ¤ Spring Itegration ¤ Spring Batch

Please note that "Tasks and Scheduling support" is not part of the exam.

Here you can find the study guide from SpringSource:

For preparation here is my advice: ¤ Its a subjective exam and one needs to read thoroughly review all course slides (multiple times) - ensure you understand everything. Yes everything! Refer the documentation for the parts which are not clear. ¤ Redoing labs is not that important. As I took training in March 2013 and appeared in exam in Jan 2014. But please note that I have been using couple of Spring frameworks covered in the exam on daily basis. ¤ Once you have went through the course slides then read these excellent summarized study notes by Lubas Kranc: ¤ You can also look into these study notes by Antoine Rey: Although they are in French but Google translate does perfect job here!

Regarding Exam: ¤ The exam has most of the questions from Spring Batch & Spring Integration ¤ Toughest questions are from XA (global) transactions

Good luck!

Please share your experience.

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