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Oracle 11g XE Create New User

While switching from MySQL to Oracle its bit confusing to understand that what is the difference between database, schema, user, etc.

Just remember one thing that in Oracle it always start with a "User". From Oracle docs: "You must create at least one database user that you will use to create database objects. A database user is a type of database object: a user is associated with a database schema, you connect to the database as a database user, and the database user is the owner of any database objects (tables and so on) that you create in the schema associated with the user."

Now I will list down the steps to create a database user in Oracle XE:

Step 1:

Open up "Run SQL Command Line" (SQL*Plus).

Step 2: Connect as SYSTEM user

Type: connect
Enter user-name: SYSTEM
Password: <password-for-system>

Step 3: Create a user named "aurora" with password (identified by) "aurora". Run following command:

create user aurora identified by aurora;

Step 4: Grant the necessary privileges to the new user "aurora"

grant connect, resource to aurora;

Step 5: Exit the SQL*Plus (the command window). Type following:


Congratulations you are done!

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