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Self Made Academy App

A comprehensive app that helps hone your football skills

Awaken the hidden footballer inside you with our app, SMA, which is purely built with a mission to make learning football easy and affordable, providing you the opportunity to partner with ambassadors from the greatest football clubs in the world.

This blog will talk about SMA’s unique and intricate features and how it makes it easier to hone your prowess as a footballer.

Let’s get started!

About SMA:

With a 52-week long training plan crafted under the supervision of Football experts, Self Made Academy helps you take your football skills to a whole new level.

The app enables you to monitor your progress via different tests and also allows you to market your prowess as a footballer among other associations, scouts, and clubs! All are made simple, organized, and convenient through the app.


We have implemented some fantastic features in SMA. Let’s talk about them:

User-Friendly Experience:

The app is designed with the ambition of providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for both players and managers. After intricate planning, our team built its Frontend via Flutter and ensured an easy-to-follow app format.

52 Week Long Development Program:

The app’s exclusive 52-week training program is strategically designed and demonstrated by professional athletes, accessible to you with a simple login. Each player has to pass the initial test first. As the player gains confidence and moves through different training modules, the difficulty level of the workouts increases with the addition of more complicated skills.

With the completion of each training program, the next training session unlocks. Every program is straightforward to follow, with two to three workouts a week. SMA incorporates both video and written content to guide you properly for each test. The ‘ Training Overview ‘ section adds a thorough description, including techniques involved, coordination with movement, and materials required to complete each set of exercises. Isn’t it convenient? With just a few clicks, you can get started right away!

Progress Assessment:

Monitoring growth is an essential aspect. It is critical for the athletes to feel like progressing upward while developing new and existing skills - the progress graph updates with the completion of each test.


With a burgeoning pile of homework and assignments, you likely forget about scheduled training sessions. But don’t worry, we got it covered!

The team used Firebase cloud messaging for push notifications to ensure that you don’t miss out on your training.

Become Discoverable:

Different scouts, associations, and agents can find your profile with great ease with its advanced search engine. Your mailbox is readily available to clubs and scouts who want to contact you for further collaboration.

Build Your Profile:

Build your profile and update it timely with your best video highlights. This helps the scouts, clubs, or agents to find the right player based on the required skill sets.


SMA is a complete package app that offers a combination of convenience, accessibility and learning through its development program crafted with the guidance of professional football players. Not to mention but at most sports camps with private coaches, the costs involved can be prohibitive for most. Undoubtedly the experience of being coached in person with another athlete is fantastic, but SMA delivers the same knowledge, accessible to you at a reasonable price- at any moment, any time. So, fulfill your dream of becoming a professional Footballer with SMA- available for both iOS and Android devices.

Learn more about this fantastic app:

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